Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 is MY YEAR

Declaring God’s victory in my life this year!

2017 was indeed a journey to remember, so many things happened that was either planned or a surprise. It may be a roller coaster ride but surely it was fun. May have waited for some answers to my prayers but one thing is for sure, I had more than what I deserve.

2018 will surely be another road to take. With me are the learnings I had in previous years and the excitement to take this new curve of life. As I move day forward in this voyage, here are some thoughts to ponder to keep me (or could also be you) going in each step of the way.

Faith. Nothing beats a strong faith, be it with God or faith in yourself. Believe, that you are born winner and shall win all storms ahead. As the story was told, amongst the million sperms who traveled in your mother’s fallopian tube, you were the one who won the victory of existence in this world. You are God’s child and you shall

Gratitude. A grateful heart sees the beauty in everything. Life may give you struggle and failure is always around you, but with a heart full of gratitude it will always be a beautiful ride. Keep it a habit to be thankful for even small details of the day and surely it will be a good start for paradigm shift. It is not looking for what you don’t have but appreciating what you have and recognizing you have more than enough.An act of gratitude will boomerang abundance of fullness of life.

Commitment.  Doesn’t only speak of relationships and promises but also speaks of living now for a better tomorrow. By simply giving your 100% to your now (as in this moment)  is already an act of commitment. By not doing thing half hearted or half baked, is also an act of commitment. Rarely do we notice that most of the time it is hard to give your all in a specific time and place. Most oftern our mind and heart is divided. This year we will commit to be in the moment. To give our best shot in each thing we do. Because by doing that so, we live our purpose.

Happiness. Is a choice. May sound cliche but it is true. Happiness is not a result of any hardwork, sleepless night or even an effect of a pill. It is a decision you make every single day. There may come a time you would feel unhappy and it’s okay, so long as you don’t drag yourself too much on that state. It may be tiring to do it sometimes but once it became a habit to choose it will just be so easy.

Love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. You cannot preach what you don’t practice. To love yourself is not an act of selfishness but rather an act of selflessness. Remember that when you start doing good for yourself you will learn to do good for others too. It’s a domino effect. Your goodness to yourself will reflect goodness to the next person beside you. Because you know how to care and love you will also spread care, goodness and love. That’s the rule!

Remember that New Year is a celebration of a new beginning. Today marks a plain canvass of your next 365. Paint beautiful paintings. Dream beautiful dreams. You are the master of this art.

May we all have prosperous 2018
God Bless You All!

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