Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thankful for 25 Years and Beyond.

You may call it quarter life crisis, I call it learning.

Here's my 25 Life lesson list I want and I will carry as I enter another chapter of my crazy beautiful life:

1. We are all given 24 hours per day, It's up to us how we use it.

2. It's okay to commit mistakes in a circumstance, repeating it over and over again is not a mistake, it's a habit. Bad habit.

3. Find self-fulfillment in your passion. If you can't get that fulfillment, It's not your passion.

4. Its okay to start back from scratch. Remember, best tasting food are made from scratch day on day.

5. Learn from the experts, they know better.

6. Maintain a high profile personality. I don't know how but i think no.7 will help.

7. Omit cheapness and stupidity in your life.

8. There are love worth fighting for.

9. Leveling up is about willingness.

10. Sad things aren't forever

11.Sleep and get some rest.

12. Know when to stop, pause, and fight again.

13. Know when to stop, that's it. Move forward.

14. Exercises not to have abs, but to live better.

15. Moving forward doesn't really mean forgetting.

16. Moving forward simply means giving up what's not workable and doing what's doable.

17. Good things are for keeps.

18. Never stop dreaming.

19. If one dream dies, dream another dream.

20. Find true happiness within yourself, not by the presence of anyone else.

21. In a failing battle, take two steps backward and gain one step ahead.

22. Do not be afraid to fall down, the most precious treasures are down there.

23. Happiness is a choice.

24. Love your parents.

25. Put God first in your life.

Thank you Lord God for giving me the gift of life... For all the blessing I have received and will be receiving... For all the challenges I am facing... For making me a better person each day I wake up and each year I live.... Thank you so much for my parents and friends...  Forgive me for all my wrong deeds and shortcomings.. Give me more years to live to fulfill my purpose you have designed for me.

Mark My Name.