Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Indeed every Christmas is Merry. Everyone should be merry for this is the season that our Lord Jesus Christ was born.

Reasons why we should celebrate 'tis Yuletide.
  • Christ is Born.
    • Christian or not, the birth of the King of Peace signifies hope and unconditional love. His humble birth shows us that different learning in life. The Nativity is a story wherein everyone of us should reflect.
  • Family Focus.
    • This is also the season of family get together. Catch up with your parents, grand parents, relative and friends whom you haven't talk to for the last 11 months of the year. Big thanks to the long holiday here in the Philippines. To those who still go to work during Christmas, It's okay, you can still catch up with them with the technology that we have now, distance isn't really a hindrance anymore. Cheer up buddy!
  • It's Payback Time.
    • Admit it or not, every year end we receive plenty of blessings or gifts be it in the form of money or in-kind. It's the season of giving. You who receive more should give more. Be it in the simplest form of gift so long as it came from you humble heat. It will surely make this season more meaningful.. 
From our family, we would like to send our greetings to all of you. May we all feel the spirit of Christmas and continue to spread love even if this holidays are gone. Let's all learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness to those whom we had shortcomings. So that we could always wake up each day with a Christmas feel on our faces.

God Bless everyone and hope we all receive the blessings of His coming...

Again, Merry Christmas!
P.S. Foodie on Duty this Season. I would like to share what we have prepared during our simple Noche Buena.
 We just had meatballs, pesto pasta, chicken macaroni, siomai and ham. Very simple as we are not expecting much guests for the Noche Buena. Also, more to prepare of December 25 because we are not only celebrating Christmas, It's also my father's birthday and wedding anniversary of my parents...

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