Sunday, December 27, 2015

Take Me To KL -- Chinatown

Just like all Chinatown's in the world, KL's (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Chinatown looks and feels the same. That famous arch and red hanging lantern signifies that you are now truly in the town of our beloved Chinese friends.

So what's in-store for us in this town? Here's some of the things that catches my interest during my visit.
The busy streets. Many locals and tourists shopping on the array of stores in the street.
Check out knoff off items at a very cheap price. Designers bags like Micheal Kors, LV, Channel, and many more. As they say, if you know how to carry a nice bag, it's hard to notice if its fake or not. Hehehe
There's also 168 restaurant here. I'm not really sure what's the meaning of 168 to Chinese people but those numbers seem to bring luck in businesses. Remember the popular 168 mall in Manila?
Hawkers are also one very good reason to visit Chinatown. This street food restaurants are very popular and commonly visited by foreigners specially Western guys. They love drinking beers and trying local delicacies.
Dried cured ham is very popular in most of south east asian countries.
Skewed meat, vegetables and other street foods are almost everywhere. Nice for grill, deep fried and or shabu shabu style.
Traditional food are also present on the streets like machang --  a sticky with meat wrapped in dried lotus leaf and steamed.
Bouquets of flower also catched my attention. See how they preserve the freshness of each flowers? Reminds me of Fuji Apples... Hehehe
The talent of this artist is really amazing. I badly want to take a photo with him but he seem to be too stressed to be disturb while finishing his masterpiece. The graphics is hand painted but can even beat the digital photo because of its beauty.
Truly the rich culture that embodies the town of Chinese community in every country is admirable... They see to preserve and never fails to built unique identity that every tourist must see..
PS. 2 and 5 signs signifies my road to 25year of age. Glad I had this as I enter a new chapter.
Until my next adventure.
Thanks for visiting.