Monday, April 27, 2015

Tokyo Bubble Tea Kind of Day

I was never really a fan of Takoyaki, until I met Tokyo Bubble Tea. It was the third time that my friend kept of bragging me to try this store's version of that food. From the time I tried it, my perspective about takoyaki changed. This is also my first visit to TBT store so I really don't know what to order. All I thought was its just a cute milk tea shop but I was surprise on how good their food are.

Here's the list of what I have tried so far on their menu.

Niniku Salmon with Garlic Cream Sauce (not the one in worm-like ramekin)
Al dente spaghetti with a creamy garlic, butter and parmesan sauce topped with chunks of salmon (P285.00) 
Salmon Maki-zushi
High-grade salmon slices served with Japanese soy sauce (choice of sushi or sashimi) (P160.00)
It's colder than I thought. okay. It's given, best sushi are not in this kind of resto. Their version belongs to "okay naman/ pede na" zone.

Apple Glazed Grilled Porkchop
Grilled porkchop glazed with apple sauce served with garlic rice and sidings (P225.00)
(Haven't really tried this, because I'm on abstinence when a friend ordered it, will try it next time though)

And of course, the very reason why I'm posting this.
Grilled octopus-filled balls made of pancake batter, topped with mayonnaise, katsuobushi and sweet soy sauce (P178.00)
Few of the things I like about their takoyaki.
  • Size is just right, enough for a normal bite :) Approximately, two to three bites a piece.
  • Generous on dressing. Mayo also taste good, you would know their not using cheap brands. If not it's a customized blend for TBT.
  • Softness is perfect, not too firm and not saggy.
  • Play of texture is good . The vegetable inside and the grilled octopus complements the texture of the takoyaki mixture.
On the other hand, what I don't like about it is they are not consistent on the quantity of the garnish. hahaha. I have tried visiting three of their stores in a row and I must say sometimes they put too small quantity of the fish flakes and shredded dried seaweeds.. hehehe

I still love it, nonetheless. :)

Ending it with a complimentary dessert. Mango cheesecake. 
Layers of (just right salty) crust, mango (flavored) chiffon, cheese cake, whip, and sweet glaze of mango jam with dried mango on top.
Dear friend (I cannot disclose the name) Thanks for the sumptuous (that overused word, tho) lunch, I had a great time and thank you for introducing takoyaki to me. Now, I have a benchmark of how it should taste. I am now ready to take my search for the best takoyaki in town. Suggestions, anyone?

Disclaimer* that friend was previously part of the great minds behind this restaurant's product/ menu offering... I'm so proud of you... wahahaha

Price may change without prior notice
For dine in customers, they are charging 10% service charge

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