Thursday, April 30, 2015

H E A T . Pledge of Plaids | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Nothing beats my love for summer. In fact, of all the events in a year, this is what I'm always looking forward to. Days after holidays we all can see trending post of #ProjectFitness and #BalikAlindog and I confess, I belong to that zone. Although, I really find it hard to achieve a summer ready body (walang susuko, hahaha), I think the most essential part of this season is the bonding moments with friends and fun under the sun. Yes! I don't care being tan, because I'm already dark hehehe.

Summer outfit doesn't always need to be in bright colors, it's the comfort that is more important. I'm thankful that this shirt I bought last year fits me now. hahah I have a thing on buying shirts which are a bit smaller than my current size. To inspire me, If I may say. Sometimes it's a good idea but most often not.
Disclaimer: To achieve a perfectly nice outfit, get those that fits you now, not those that you want to fit in tomorrow. hahaha :)

Sunnies from SM Accessories
Pocket Tees by Giordano
Plaid shorts from Faded Glory
Brown Leather Sandals from Marikina
Location: Playa Laiya, Batangas

Going to the beach is one of the things I love. It gives me pause from all the stresses of the city. This #ootd is very different from all my beach outfit because I'm not wearing sleeveless tees. Though, I look like a bit slimmer here caused by some diet thing I did during lent. 

Have a happy comf'table summer!

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