Friday, April 24, 2015

One Burrp for That Saturday.| What I Wear | MarkMyName

One saturday afternoon, during those days when i was not really feeling well (literally and figuratively) I thought of something productive to do. I called my friends and ask them to explore (rediscover) Intramuros, ended up taking photos of my ootd.

Nothing much to say about this look, except what's on my shirt hehehe. My shirt is a gift of my previous boss. I was a size bigger when It was given to me and I couldn't agree more on the print. I've been wanting to post shoot this shirt because I think it's cute specially the concept of the Tee shop where it was bought. Burrp Tees - We Make Big T-Shirts. Yes! they do and they announce it, their BIG. Most sizes they offer are big size with cool shout out prints.

It was scorching (overused word this summer) hot during that day, so I paired my shirt with 2" above the knees pull on shorts and some old pair of shoes. Completing the style with the cap and some sunnies. 

0%Transfat TShirt from Burrp Tees.
Burrp Tees Facebook page:
Khaki Pull On Shorts from Old Navy

Mark My Name.