Monday, January 26, 2015

Road to Marathon

I be-break na kita!
That's what I want do with my running shoes. It's been 2 months since I bought it in a sale for the holiday season. Intentionally, I want to write about the lists of running events I want to be participate, well I'll still be doing that once I have time to lay it down hehehe.

Part of writing it down, of course is the training part which is more exciting! Wahahah If I will ever do it, though. Jist hoping that laziness will keep a distance on me heheeh ;)

It was always part of my bucketlist to run full marathon and 2015 could be a perfect time. I just don't know when and what event.

Until my friend from 7-Eleven, +Clemencia‬ Ladia, called me last Christmas eve to greet me and ask me If I'll be joining 7-Eleven Run for 1500. Way back I still don't know If I want to join in that event. I was hesitant because the venue is quite not accessible from my place.

Exactly a month after the offer was made, I finally made up my mind and yes! I'm decided. I will be doing a full marathon this time!

So now, I have to wake up early and do my DIY training which I always do. I never participated in any formal running training because I'm a bit shy and lazy to do it maybe.

I just wish I'll have the energy to wake up each morning run a minimum 5K to at least I'll have a bit of confidence to do it.

See you all at Skyway Alabang for 7-Eleven Run 1500 2015!

Posting soon are my training. ;)

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