Monday, January 26, 2015

Road to Marathon -- Foot Forward

First part of the training is to break in the shoes. New shoes are not allowed in a long distance run as they say. I had my first training this morning and I completely miss doing this. I must say It's really tough to fight against morning sickness specially that my last run was months before the holidays where all the bad food and vices conquered my body.

Few things I want to prepare before the race which I want to share day by day I take my road to full marathon.

1. Nutrition. I must admit I've committed so may sins to my body for the couple number of months. If there's on thing I am afraid that I may fail to do is keeping a goood weight, enough to sustain a good phase or to simply finish the course.

2. Fitness. Doing a marathon requires a physically fit body, has enough stamina and can stand endurance. By this time, I'm still figuring it out how will I gain it within a month,

3. Training. Race is just a day and the whole preparation is the crucial part. Mind setting is a must. This is what I love about the doing a race because It doesn't just train you physically, It also teaches your how to become goal oriented and so your body can perform.

4. Gadgets. At times gadgets helps us to perform better specially on training part. But the only gadget you have on the day of the race is the your best prepared body.

All I have in mind right now is to maximize my one and a half training period to reach that Road to Marathon.

I'll update you soon.

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