Friday, January 23, 2015

Blessed Philippines

Since its a long weekend here in Manila to give way for the Apostolic visit of Pope Francis. I took chances to spend some quality time with my friends, So we went to Puerto Galera. Unfortunately, the trip schedules didn't went well as planned. Initially, I was planning to go back to Manila last Saturday so I can make ways to see the Pope. But we were stuck here in Mindoro due to storm signal.

I may not be able to join the crowd in welcoming the Pope, I still feel blessed that the highest leader of our church visited our country. Many thanks to media for making it possible for us to listen to Pope's words.

Here's three words I heard that shoot me in the heart during His encounter with the youth held at UST and how I learn from it.

1. Real love is about loving and letting yourself be loved.
#Hugot but true. Love is a two way road. In the context of loving God, we must love Him every second of ourlives, same as we are being loved by Him all the time, unconditionally.
Same thing goes in loving a person, it's not enough to love someone and not letting yourself be loved.
I know Pope's message in this line doesn't intentionally speak anything about romantic affair but I guess we can also conclude it that way.

2. There are certain realities in life that are only seen in the eyes that are cleansed through tears.
Crying is not a symbol of weakness but a sign of strength. Indeed, tears flowing in our eyes whenever we feel down gives us a better vision of reality, count of what we can do and courage to move forward. Admittedly, in times when we cry that we realize we have Christ that we can lean on. This is when we get closer to Him, know Him better and surrender everything to Him.

3. Think well, feel well and do well. As we keep on saying "Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa". Thought without act is nothing. Pope also teaches us to be the best of what we have. He didn't say think, feel and do. He emphasizes the need for thinking, feeling and doing things well. For it is when we do well, we think of the betterment of others. It is when we feel well, we surrender our selfishness. And when we do well, we live our purpose.

Thank you very much Pope Francis for touching our lives.


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