Friday, December 19, 2014

Snackaroo. Steak sa Kanto

Who says steak need to be expensive? Who says you can only have a mouth watering steak at an expensive hotel?

Surely, most commercialised and expensive hotels can offer the finest steak, but can everyone afford it? Neither will I eat steak for just a simple dinner, not unless it's a celebration or a treat...

Now let me take you a place where T-bone steak is just like ordering adobo in a fast food or carinderia but of course delicious! :P

It's really a carinderia...

Taaahhhdaaann... presenting T-bone steak... You got to try what's the best they can offer right?

Freshly grilled T-bone. Marinated and tender. Served with a thick and sweet and salty steak gravy.

We also tried their Grilled isaw ng baboy (pork intestine)  hehehe. Oh noh! not your usual isaw sa gigilid... Their marinate is really good. :* A pinch of salty taste with a hint of pepper and anis. Of course their are other secret behind it. whahaha.

Thank you so much to Kiey for bringin me here, hehehe and to Sis Emma for coming with us. Surely the night went happy because of good food at a value for money cost.

T- bone steak is at P150 per serving only!
Additional gravy is at P10 only.
Inihaw na Isaw is at P70 only.
And surely, you need extra rice at P15 only.

34A Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City