Sunday, December 7, 2014

KPop Craze and Happy Six Days

I never thought I'd fall in love in Korean cuisine, ever! Because I hate spicy food which limits me when I started to become foodie. Of course there's a conscious effort to improve that.. Until I went to Escriva drive, Ortigas Center Pasig just behind University of Asia and the Pacific.

The truth is, we had a project Goldloop building when we tried the restaurant just beside the on I am to feature. I have been here so many times and I can still remember my first visit.

It was the usual weekday boredom eat out invitation I made with Shiela, my former officemate to look for some place to eat. I invited her to a more classy Korean restaurant beside Happy Six Days. Unfortunately they are close after 9:00pm and fortunately Happy Six Days is open.
I am always a fan of this kind of interior. Not too intimidating and have the feel of authenticity. Well this is a improve version because this is already under new management. From the name Happy Six days which was frequently visited by some K-Pop artist now it's Soeul Korean restaurant

Good news is, they still have the same set of staff from attendant to cook. Same menu. Same great taste. wahahhaa

What's best about Korean restaurants, they are generous with appetizers and sides.

Cucumber version of the kimchi and it's <3 ...="" and="" br="" fruity="" it="" more="" must="" nbsp="" refreshing="" s="" say="">

One of our favorite Korean version of Kamote que. hehehe

"The Kimchi" hahhaha, their version is the BEST! actually I'm craving now while writing this hahahha. You can buy half kilo of it for only P100

Then the white kimchi. I still prefer the red but it's nice to try something new. hhehehe

Kimbap- vegetable and fried eggs, placed on a seasoned rice. It's the Korean version of maki.

Kimchi Jiggae with free bibimbap. Also, one of their must-try dish. Blend of sour and spicy with pork and kimchi perfect for bibimbap rice. :)

And of course the famous, Samgyeoupsal. How to eat it?
  • Pick your choice of meat - chicken / pork
  • Dip the grilled/ fried meat to sesame oil with salt and pepper.
  • Put it in a leaf of lettuce/ romaine leaf.
  • Garnish it with kimchi and/or kimchi onion leaves. You may add the other side depends on your preference.
  • Wrap it using the lettuce/ romaine leaf. Preferably, make it enough for a bite size.
  • Eat it. They say it's better to take everything in single bite so let the flavours linger in your mouth.

I don't know why, but seriously it makes us happy every time we visit this place. True to it's name lol.

Since I started exploring different food, I've never been afraid of trying something different, even if it's kinda' weird to others.

Budget : P500 for 2 is good enough.