Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Got Hairstyle 2014 | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Hair is your crowning glory... what a cliche. lol

Since I got my company laptop in early 2014 year, it became a habit to take selfie through the my webcam and if not I'll ask someone to take a photo of me.

Maybe it's true that Selfie is either a sin or a disorder. Sin because it triggers too much vanity and can distract the news feed of your friends when you try to use to much #Filter... Ehhemm I'm so proud I don't do much filter. As I say, I want the world to know my flaws wahahaha. #PaPublic lol.
And disorder because, It's as if you can't live a day or even a second without taking #Selfie.

So much more to that, yeah! I didn't realize that I had so many selfies when I started deleting my personal file in my old laptop. Ended up collecting all my photos and showcase the hairstyles I had for 2014. Here it goes.

The Mohawk. Well, It's semi because of course I still need to look corporate. I just remember the time when my hair was growing already and my boss got shocked on how high the mohawk was. wahahaha

The Bunot-Like. My real peg for this was the trendy hairstyles of kid way back 90's. It was supposedly an army hairstyle look. Some may recall this style as "Bao" wahahah. Yes! I always wanted to have that style back, but I guess I will never achieve that again because of my hairline. Awts :(

The Undercut Brush Up. Even before the style got phenomenal again, I had one. This was when everyone is still laughing at it because of the excess hair at the back. They thought It was unfinished. But If you ask me now, I will not do that style again. Why? I can see it everywhere.

Korean Curl. lol This is what I do when I'm bored with the brush up style. hehehe
The Gentleman. Well fix hair keeping my look neat and tidy. 

The Maurer. lol. Inspired by Mario Maurer hairstyle. :p I know, I know, not even close wahahah.

The One Night Stand. Seriously, I had that hair for just a night and have it shaved the day after. Good thing I took a selfie. wahahaha

The Good Cap. Good thing I have a cap. lol Bad hair day, always. Not to mention I'm really not a fan of hairstyling products.
The 4x4. Army cut indeed. Flat top inspired.
The Side Swept Up. Dunno why. But the easiest style to do. wahahha
Have Shave on Front. Yes! half of the forehead is shaved by 1.5 inches. lol That's why!

Gangnam Style. wahahah. It maybe a repeat but styling makes it different.

The School boy. Gel it and we're ready.

The Bieber. wahahah It's actually my first time to grow my hair this much and didn't know I'll like it.

There are other styles which are not included here. 

Whichever style I do, I make it a point to love what i have so I'll have the confidence and guts to face the world without filter.

PS: check out my instagram for more photos lol :p