Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonders of Maginhawa -- Fruili Trattoria

Getting crazy about Italian dish? The wonderful Maginhawa Street at UP Teachers Village got a "Real" Italian restaurant at very reasonable (slash) affordable price.

dedennn... Friuli Trattoria..
One boring Friday night when my foodie friend Kiey, wanted to continue our Maginhawa adventure. Initially we wanted something light for dinner but we lost control when we decided we try Friuli. There's been buzz about it so we got curious.
A small restaurant offers authentic Italian dishes, mainly about pasta and pizza and some desserts...  Here's the store..
It's about 10-15 tables only including the upper deck of the building, so when it's peak time, you got to wait for a while... well I must say, It's worth the wait. lol
Since we wanted light and we are in an Italian "concept" restaurant, we had a non-meat dinner to both meet the objective of the trip hahahah.

We had Pizza Margherita. One of their best seller pizza, a combination of garlic and herbs, smothered with 2 layers of mozzarella topped with fresh tomatoes.

Margherita pizza is around 190 pesos only good for 3 to 4 person.

Then we had Angel's Hair Putanesca... We'll I never thought that putanesca sauce could be perfect for angel's hair pasta. The natural sweetness of the pasta blends well with the sour effect of the sauce. another must try DIY at home hahahaha.

The pasta is totally good for 2 at 140 pesos only!

It was not really a light dinner but I was glad the bill was light hahaha. 

address: #79A Maginhawa St. UP Village Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel no. (02) 434 1416