Sunday, May 4, 2014

My First Hundred Treasure

This is an open letter to my first hundred blog views. Oh huh... may first hundred views on blogspots. hahahaha feelingero lang. hahaha

I just would like to say thank you for sharing me your curiosity. I ain't a journalist nor a writer, I cannot even compose a journal and rate my self at 5 on English grammar. hahaha

I had a huge hesitation when I started this blog. Although, I already had a blog before when is still a site for blog posting. di nyo inexpect noh? hahahha Based on my research, hahaha may research pa (high pitch)??? Blogging is a free online diary. So from there I realized, teka, bakit may hesitation eh parang diary lang naman pala... so does it mean I need to start the blog post with "Dear Diary"? or  shall I say "Dear Blog" bwahahahaha

And so I started the set up of my blog site, pero anu isusulat ko? Kung anu-ano lang? Anything under the sun? Pero syempre dapat may kabuluhan naman kahit konti...hahhha

YES! That's what I'm going to write... anything under the sun, anything that affects all my five to six senses... because this blog ain't going to be your usual site of journal sharing.

This shall fill the gap between me and my friends, coworkers, classmates, schoolmates, families, acquaintances, co-commuters (if there's even such a word), or even to some random netizens out there and this shall help us build a friendship we'd never thought could exist. No room for blah blah... just pure fun and sharing... Just like what I keep on saying -- I am not a writer, so don't expect me to write good journal... What I do is I share thoughts, feelings,and experiences, isn't that better than just simply writing? (calma pitch)

This blog is not just mine, it us... again, the operative word is "SHARING"... Its US taking a taste of the world...You may have clicked on this site once and may not come back again, but in that point of curiosity I'd be thankful... but i'd be more glad if you click, comment, share, criticize, tag, like and do anything you want, its ours anyway. So you can do whatever you want.

And to those who also want to blog but are afraid because they don't know what to say, and how to start saying it... just go with the flow... this is just some online html blah blah anyways... it isn't a matter of life and death dear... just say what your heart wants to say... criticisms will always be on the road its for you to embrace them and make the part of your learning.

So, {wink;*)} shall I expect more views on the coming days? heheheheh, well expect more kwento and more fun... hahahahah. LET's GET IT ON!!!

Yours truly,
Mark R. Antonio

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