Monday, May 19, 2014

Explore Ilocos Sur: Baluarte Ni Chavit

It's the fulfillment of my childhood dream to visit Ilocos. hahaha :) Since, I was a kid my parents used to go in there for some family get away but I never got the chance to be with them due to so many reasons -- exams, sickness, etc.

May 09, 2014, I finally got a chance to visit, Ilocos Sur, for the first time because a balikbayan family friend invited us to come over during their town fiesta at Vigan. The group-- my family and some family friends went there as early as May 07 and since I still have work on that day, I decided to come over during weekend only.

First stop, visit Baluarte ni Chavit.

Baluarte is a 80 hectares field, trail, hills, owned by former Ilocos Governor Chavit Singson. Main attraction of the place are the zoo, horseback riding, butterfly garden and other petting activities.

It was hot Friday morning, we're heading to the beach when we decided to drop by and visit Baluarte. It was not originally part of the plan but we want to maximize our trip.
I was trying to figure out what to wear at Baluarte when I realized I want a "Safari" peg. But, I was not able to bring with me khaki shorts and polo so just to put an element of safari on my wardrobe, I wear my boots.

Family picture of course! Never mind the heat:(

 To feel the safari effect. put some dust on the photo... and tiisin ang init... hahahhaa

 Relax and play with butterflies at Baluarte's butterfly sanctaury. 
Take the center stage and grab a photo with this cute "white" birds... 

The jeje in boots hahahha

while relaxing, its also a perfect timing to catch up with an old time friend who just came back for a vacation all the way from Dubai :)

My mother should be the one wearing boots, what do you think? hahaha

Ito po si Kuya Kim... ahahaha playing with the birds... :) lol

this fury animal cuddling on my neck... hahahah nakakakiliti :)

Take a photo on their dinosaur statues. hehehe 
Of course don't forget to embrace the sun... feel the heat... have fun!!! :)

Visit to Baluarte is FREE of any charge. In fact, they discourage any donations. There are sections/ area like photobooth and photo opt with animals which require donation fees.

Baluarte basics:
  • It is important to rehydrate all the time.
  • Wear your most comfortable outfit, of course fashion is still needed... speaking of comfort, don't worry, I'm comfortable with boots :p hahaha..
  • Wear sunblock, cap, sun glasses, lip balm and /or anything that can protect your skin against sun UV rays.
  • Your best ever camera-- always capture every moment. 
If you love nature and pet, Baluarte is a must visit in Vigan!

Up Next: other Ilocos Sur Expedition! hehehe

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