Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trying a New Craze --Magnum Manila

While I’m doing some field work in Taguig, I finally got the chance to see and finally rove around SM Aura. There are lot of new restaurants to try in this mall. New concepts, some are international franchise, and some are Filipino pride. For now let’s just talk about some pleasure…

 I remember the first time I tried Magnum, I didn't liked it that much maybe because I find it too expensive -- P50/ pack and I don’t find something so special about it that complements the high cash outlay.

Magnum craze stopped for a moment after launch until early this year when Magnum Manila started to operate at SM Aura, Taguig City. It is actually a concept store of Ice cream or let’s just says it’s a marketing campaign of Unilever to sustain the craze of Magnum especially on social media… effective enough for the brand to be talked about. Getting extra mileage huh… lol
 Lot of my friends have already experience this new trend of dessert which I always see on my facebook feed.  One day I happen to pass by SM Aura while doing some field work so I got the chance to visit Magnum Manila. 

People are really getting crazy about it, that you really have to wait on a long queue. 
The whole interior of the shop is a mix of colors gold and brown making you to crave for chocolates… hahaha
They both offer to-go and dine-in. The DIY or Make-Your-Own Magnum is for to-go which cost P100 only. At first, I find again expensive but let me just judge it. Hahaha
DIY Magnum start from you paying in the cashier hahahah

Choose your base Ice cream. Pick whether chocolate or vanilla. Vanilla is highly recommended that it perfectly blends on any sweet coating.

Coat It. Just like the Magnum Ice cream from the supermarket, it’s thickly coated with the finest Magnum chocolate—white, classic, Infinity dark or gold.

Top It. Taking your choice from a unique especially selected range of classic, special and experimental toppings.

Drizzle It. Select from Magnum chocolate drizzle-- white, classic, Infinity dark or gold.

Set It. Take a moment for the freshly made Magnum develops. It’s also your chance to take a photo of it and SHARE it to you social media friends hhehehe..
Love It. Seriously, this is far different from the regular Magnum Ice cream that you can buy in the supermarket.

My own Magnum Ice Cream -- thick dark choco coating in a vanilla ice cream and my choice of toppings are pistachio, queso de bola and chocolate crunchy balls, drizzled with white chocolate -- Perfect for dessert!!!

Sadly, since this is just a marketing campaign of Magnum, I've learned* that the store is really intended for branding and shall operate only for a year.

If only there’s a Magnum Manila, this could have been my choice of dessert for Fridays. Ahahha …

Truly, a day without pleasure is a day lost.

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