Thursday, April 22, 2021

Pork and French Beans Salted Egg | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

If you’re bored with your usual stir fry veggies and fried meat. Try incorporating adding mashed salted egg as a coating to it. We tend to be easily intimidated with this restaurant sounding dish because it’s really hard to find groceries that sell salted egg powder. Anyways, there are alternatives or manual to do that but that would be a different recipe.

This recipe though, uses salted egg powder. And it’s very easy to do. No highfaluting techniques needed.

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Here is how you do it:

Fry the pork. 

We all have different recipes and means to fry pork and it’s okay. Just make sure it’s not super savory. Means that the flavors of the fried pork still has some room for other seasonings. 

My simple way of frying the pork is marinating it with fish sauce and black pepper. Dusting it with a bit of flour or cornstarch and deep frying it until cooked and crisp. I once tried putting soy sauce but it doesn’t make the pork crispy.

Stir fry the veggies.
Literally, do it your way. No rules. If you like using butter, soy sauce or oyster sauce it is fine. Just make sure that the sauce is not too salty to give room for the salted egg. Also, make sure that there is no excess liquid into the veggies.

Salted egg. 
There are brands available for salted egg powder but you can also make an alternative for this by mashing salted egg yolk or the whole egg. That could also work. Again, just be mindful of the salt.


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