Friday, April 2, 2021

Minced Garlic in Olive Oil | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

Although garlic have long shelf life, sometimes I find it hassle to peel off garlic everytime I cook. Here’s an easy way to store your garlic at home.

Apart from convenience, this also helps to bring out more aroma and flavor when used. Procedure:

- Peel off a bunch of garlic. There are so many hacks available to peel off garlic. Pounding the whole bulb is my favorite. No need to separate each clove. Just press the whole bulb hard and each clove will separate. It will also tear some part of its skin making it easier to peel.
- Soak the garlic with Oil. Although some recommend to use oils with no flavor. I prefer using Pomace Olive Oil. The tart flavor of the olives add to the garlic aroma. It doesn’t need to be soaked for long hours, we just need to make sure all cloves are covered with oil.
- Blend. Food processor is better but since I don’t have one, blender is okay. Blend it until all cloves are minced. Be careful not to completely ground the garlic like most mistakes I did.
- Store. You can put it a container with tight lid. Store it in the fridge. It would normally last for a month or two. Depending on your garlic consumption.

Where to use minced garlic in olive oil.
- Stir Fry and Sauté. Most Filipino dishes, cooking starts by sautéing garlic and onion. Use this instead of peeling cloves of garlic. So convenient. It also have a more depth of garlic flavor because it’s been sitting and releasing flavors in the oil.
- Aioli dressing. You may opt to put some garlic bits to your mayonnaise dressing for salad or burger or just use the oil. The oil has so much flavor in it already that it can also be used for other condiments.
- Chili Garlic. Most of our dipping sauce specially those spicy one have garlic on it to give an appetizing taste. You can use it on your regular hot sauce to give a new flavor. Or just add this to your usual soy and kalamansi dipping.
-Aglio Olio Pasta. Since I’m using Pomace Olive oil, I can just get a table spoon of this minced garlic and extend the oil with Extra Virgin Olive oil for my pasta sauce and add some meat or sausage.

What other recipes do you have in mind? 


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