Sunday, January 10, 2021

Chicken Macaroni (Basic) | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

Every household has their own version of chicken macaroni salad. A cold salad that is commonly served in occasions. This video shows a common or basic recipe of it. The rest are embellishments to the flavors.

Basic Chicken Macaroni Recipse
  • Short pasta boiled
  • Chicken. I prefer the part with fat to give extra flavor 
  • Mayonnaise 
  • All purpose cream
  • Minced onions. Red or white up to you.
  • Pickle relish 
Literally the rest is up to your creativity. You can add peanuts, pineapple bits, and other profile of flavors. 
Fresh herbs are also nice to have like cilantro, celery, among others.

You can make big batch and keep it in the fridge and would normally last for a week or two. Good to serve with fried dishes or grilled as it balances the palate.

To build the dish you simply mix all the ingredients and taste per your liking.

How aboutbyou you what else do you add to you Chicken Macaroni salad? The creativity is endless.

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