Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Naughty Nuri Warung Bali Indonesia | Honest Food Review | MarkMyName

Bali Indonesia was probably one of the most sought after travel destinations before the pandemic. This is our second time visiting Bali but all destinations we went into are pretty much new this time.  I guess that’s the beauty of this place, they’ve got so much to offer.

One of which is the food. Honestly the first time we went here we were not able to enjoy some outside food because we are always in the hotel. And we always order for room seevice. This restaurant tho does not offer authentic Balinese cuisine. 

We’ve learned about this by asking our boss who keeps on coming to this place every time she’s in Bali. We got curious on why she loves the food so much well in fact there are lots of restaurants that offer the same menu in Manila. 

This our vlog featuring the bests of Naughty Nuri;s Warung menu. Spoiler :) This is honestly and sincerely the 1st time I enjoyed Mac and Cheese. Please watch, subscribe and comment if you've been there too or you want to try visiting the place.


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