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Legit Carbonara, Almost | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

If you’re a Filipino, you probably won’t call it Carbonara or probably will not consider this as pasta recipe. Growing up as a Pinoy all pasta served are overflowing with sauce. Maybe because most store-bought pasta, we had are not durum wheat semolina based which are a bit mussy and doesn't have a bite. To mask that mouthfeel of the locally made super affordable pasta, we tend to add more sauce. In the case of carbonara, we tend to add all-purpose cream and cream of mushroom. Which somehow or technically called pasta alfredo.

As I became more expose to food and culture, I was able to understand the originality and evolution of some popular dishes. Carbonara for instance is something that is completely different from the profile all my Filipino friends are familiar with. We have to understand that there are key ingredients to achieve the authentic flavor that are not widely available or almost impossible to find.

This is my Carbonara recipe, almost legit version.

500g of San Remo Pasta spaghetti
250g of smoked bacon (not honey cured) as replacement to guanciale. Choose the one good amount of fat.
Good amount of parmesan cheese as replacement to pecorino romano cheese. Since you we are trying to achieve the closest possible flavor. Please but a little more of good quality and not those that are grated or in a dispenser bottle. Also, choose the one with salty profile.
The cured meat and cheese are very important on this recipe.
Ground black pepper
2 eggs.

Cook the pasta per packaging procedure. Make sure it has a good amount of salt in the water. Keep a cup of pasta water.
In a pan, render the fat of the meat.
In a bowl, mix a handful of cheese and eggs. Beat.
Once the pan started to have oil, put the cooked pasta and toss the oil.
Turn of the heat, put the egg and cheese mixture, black pepper and pasta water. Continuously mix it all pasta are covered with the mixture.
Rest for about 30 seconds.
Serve with more cheese and more black pepper, as desired.

This recipe is inspired by Simone Remoli on his Youtube Channel. Adjusted according to Pinoy taste and available ingredients at the supermarket near me.



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