Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 is MY YEAR

2019 wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t a success , nor something I thought would be.

It was a curved and rough road where presence of light is so little that all you can do is close your eyes. Realize that as you lose your vision you start to exhaust all your other senses.

2019 wasn’t my year as I always declare it. It wasn’t a blast as we always want it to be. It was tiring and exaggeratedly exhausting. It did push be to the rock bottom, dark and messy as I can never imagine.

2019 was really tough but it has gone too fast. Tough times shape good character. But you will never know that until it’s over. And even before you knew it it’s already done. You now a better men than you were. Welcome tough times! It defines success!

We may not know what 2020 will bring us! How will it shape us? How the roads will look like? Whatever this year holds for us, I had a great lessons to have with me from 2019!

Faith, hopes and prayers are the weapons I will bring with me. 2020 is MY YEAR!

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