Saturday, February 24, 2018

Peruvian Cuisine on the Rise

If there is one food trend today that I really love and crave for is Peruvian. I’m not a fan of spicy dishes but this cuisine is something I really crave for sometimes 🤗 apart from Korean food.

There are only few restaurants in Manila that offers Peruvian dishes and this newly opened resto in Ayala Mall Vertis North wil surely give you a delightful eating experience. Menu is somewhat familiar because their concoctions are a little fusion of Fillipino and American cuisine. So, If you will ask me if they are authentic? NO.

I think in general, not all Filipinos are fan of spicy / sour tastes. That’s why they have to do some little fusion. One exciting dish they have is the Adobo Peruvia. Which is basically soy and vinegar with a red wine and some spices to give the usual adobo a different kick.

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