Thursday, June 16, 2016

Take Me To KL -- NZ

How crazy it is when you arrived in the airport at 10:00 o'clock in the evening hungry and you're not even familiar or you have no idea where to eat except airport food court.
Tech savvy indeed and very cost- saving as you have to key in your orders by yourself and a beep card will be updated then you have to pay it on the next counter... what a experience on my first land in the country...
Then you have to bring OR to the chefs so they can prepare the meals. All are freshly prepared. Language barrier is a bit challenging as I was trying to ask if they can lessen the spice for my orders but I think we can't understand each other.
Maggi Goreng. Basically, Mee Goreng but using maggi noodles. Stir fry it and use the seasoning but still adding  the usual spices of a Mee Goreng. What I like about it is the texture of the noodles, since its stir fried in a wok it still maintain a chewy texture not saggy. 
Nasi Goreng. I don't like it. It's too moist and too much spices on it. Maybe because we ordered noodles that is full of flavors that's why I am expecting to partner it with rice (The Filipino way). But because the Nasi goreng is almost the same flavor as the noodles, It's not a good match.
Mee Goreng. Well this one is just to try, but I'm  not really a fan of it. I like the Maggi Goreng more. The texture is far different . Also, how the spices blend to the tofu and noodles is not good. Maybe I'm not just accustomed to it.
The milk tea is something refreshing to finish the meal. Not so sweet but creamy and you can still taste the tea.
I remember how they pack take-out drinks in Singapore, so when I saw it in KL, I immediately ordered one. hehehe It's so cute.
So I ordered my boss, as well.

Though airport food court will not give you the best dinning experience, It will give you a glimpse of somehow what it acceptable in that country. 

Happy Travel!

Here's a quick review of NZ:
Taste: JJLLL
Service: JJJLL
Value for MoneyJJJJL

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