Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blue Marina Boutique Hotel Love It!

If you are looking for some homey hotel at the midst of congested Station 2 Boracay Island without sacrificing the distance of your place to the beach front, the Blue Marina is the place to go.

I've been to Boracay so many times, and I always stay in travelers inn sitting near the streets of station 2 because I want accessibility to the shore.  Normally, a traveler's inn is just a studio type  air-conditioned room for 3- 4 people, no living room, no lobby, no hotel services for breakfast, toiletries, or whatsoever. I find it like a place where you can leave your things and go out to enjoy the beach and go back to sleep when you're drunk and go out again the next day.

Maybe I came to an point where Boracay to me is no long (or not just about) going to parties and getting drunk hehehe... I came to a stage where I want to relax, sleep and wake up on a very resting place. As talking about relaxing, I found this boutique hotel that is just less than 100 meters walk away from the sea shore.

To start the relaxing experience, Blue Marina Boutique hotel who is also owned by Coast Boracay (also in station 2) picked us up from the airport and took charge of all our terminal and environmental charges for the island. Hassle- free indeed as we don't need to find tricycle or van hire from airport to Jetty Port. From the port, no need to queue up along with the other tourist as they will bring you to a different port and use their own small boat for you to reach the island and from there will bring you straight to the hotel.

In the hotel the friendly and very accommodating staffs will greet you with superb hospitality and wel come you with a Free drink and cold towel for your to freshen up. White ensemble interior and warm lights is very pleasing to the eye, so it adds up to the over-all experience. Here's a virtual tour of this fantastic hotel.

Over all, what I love about them is their service, the smiles of their staffs and how they treat their clients which to me is priceless.

To know more about Blue Marina check out: BLUE MARINA WEB SITE

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Service: JJJJJ
Value for MoneyJJJLL

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