Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's Your Fashion Fantasy? #I'dRatherBe | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I was challenged by the question "What's Your fashion Fantasy?" wherein the answer should start with the phrase "I'd Rather Be". It's actually tricky on that part, because answering the question using that phrase, is somewhat comparing your fashion fantasy to reality or actual look.

We'll, I'm always a basic fashioned person, not for some people but I think I keep my simple every time. But when you speak of fantasies, definitely it needs to be totally different from what you are, If I may say so.

Then I had several choices for my entry, several fantasies I kept on justifying whom I want to be.
  • The Life of the Party - the one I wear from a certain awards night I attended with the theme "The Life of the Party". This is justifiable in a way because I'm always one of the "Life of Party" hahahaha.
  • The Traveler - I've always dreamed of wearing short and a boots, that's why when I got the chance to wear it during my travel at Ilocos, I didn't mind people looking at my shoes. lol
  • The Laid-back Guy- It's not something "I'd Rather Be, because it's just me...

Until I came up with a concept,  I didn't need to dress up much more for this, but this is really whom I'd Rather Be. My Fashion Fantasy.

I'd rather be a Kiddo, Innocent of anything, carefree and brave to take risks...
This match makes me feel like child again. The comfort of basic tees and jeggings plus over-sized shoes, is something I always want to try every now and then when I got bored of the usual corporate attires I use at the office. 
Hype it if you like it:

This is my favorite pose among the photos, I call it the #BoomPaness pose. hahahah so kiddo. lol

Thanks to Arnel Montero for supporting me on this kalokohan heheheh... He's the photographer.