Monday, June 2, 2014

Knowing an Authentic Chinese Restaurant -- Wai ying Fastfood, Binondo

Chinese food has always been my comfort food but whenever I think of Chinese restaurant, of course Binondo is the place to be... Nothing is more authentic than the restaurants around the Chinese community.

To classify "authentic" Chinese restaurant here are my basic considerations:
  1. Rustic. It doesn’t need to be fancy but of course hygiene and sanitation need to be part of the priority list.
  2. Only few branches are available. I prefer this to keep the excitement on me and my cravings to visit the place. It losses its interest, if its too commercialized. Chinese restaurants are everywhere, so it really feels different if it only have few branches.
  3. It’s well visited by Chinese nationals. Lol... It's their food, they should know better.
  4. There’s a hanged Peking duck and pork at the window. I’m not quite sure as to why is it hanged but some says it contributes on the taste of the meat.
  5. Offers a wide range of dimsums. With the presence of commonly ordered finger foods like Siomai, Kuchai dumpling, Hakaw and Chicken feet. It's a staple order.
  6. There’s a pair of chop stick and unlimited house tea... wahhahaa
Put in the comment box the things you are looking in for a Chinese resto. Let me know you thoughts

So there’s a place in Benavidez St. Binondo Manila, who passed my criteria for authentic Chinese restaurant… Its name is –Wai ying Fast food…

After attending a fun run last June 01, 2014, Dabbie, her family (Eric, Erica and Erickson), Ms. Elma and I decided to go into this food hub. It was first introduced to me latter part last year and now, its my third visit.

here's the view of the restaurant from the outside... Isn't it rustic? hehhehehe
Here's the interior... in all fairness it's conducive, clean and with a good ventilation.
Since it has been our practice to ask for their recommendation (best seller), we seek for their crew’s assistance as what's best to order if you have this kind of group. On our table, we have four adults and two kids, plus considering the fact that three of us came from an event so here’s what they recommended:

One-half Soy Chicken... its like a steamed chicken with a sweet and salty sauce.

One-fourth pork asado... 

one order of Hakaw...

One order of pork siomai... when you cut the siomai in the center, there's a piece of shrimp inside... making it exciting hehehe...

Four order of Chong Fan (fried rice)... one order is good for one to two person depending on the capacity to eat... lol...

and for desert, two order of freshly made egg tart.. ( 1 order = 2 pcs.) ... the one sitting at our back said it tastes like Macau's egg tart... oh! huh!

We also ordered one century egg and two cold Milk Tea... Their milk tea is far different from those cold tea which you can buy in the milk tea store. It's the milk tea without "umay" factor... naks!

Here's Waiying Fastfood menu:
On the side of the fast food is the take out store of Wai ying.
Over all expense (6 person - 4 adults and 2 kids)
  •  1/2 Soy Chicken - P190.00
  • 1/4 Pork Asado - P135.00
  • 1 Hakaw- P80.00
  • 1 Siomai - P75.00
  • 4 Chong Fan (P75 each) - P300.00
  • 1 Century Egg - P25.00
  • 1 Cold Milk Tea (P55 each) - P110.00
  • 2 Custard Egg (P70/ 2pcs.) - P140.00
  • Free Soup (the one they use for Wanton Soup)
Total of PhP1,055.00 only!

Restaurant Name:  Wai ying Fastfood
Location: 810 Benavidez St. Binondo Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 242- 0310, (02) 234- 0715
Store hours: 7:00 am to 2:00 am

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