Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Egg Creme Muffins | Ways to Cook Eggs for Breakfast | MarkMyName

There are many ways to cook eggs apart from sunny side up, poached, boiled, omelette, and scrambled. Eggs are one of the most underrated ingredients in every household's pantry. Let me share one of my favorite ways to cook eggs.

Here's another way to elevate your breakfast. Very unique presentation and is full of flavors.

If you're also into low carb, high-fat diet or keto this is a perfect breakfast for you. Ingredients and measurements may vary to your liking.

  • Fresh Eggs
  • Butter
  • All-purpose cream
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • Parmesan cheese
Possibilities are endless. you can cook proteins like bacon, pulled pork, or cold cuts.

  • Grease the cupcake liner with butter.
  • Add 1 fresh egg and season with salt and pepper
  • Add 2 teaspoons of all-purpose cream
  • And top with parmesan cheese.
  • option to add bacon bits.
  • Bake for 5 minutes at 200 degrees Celcius.
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