Thursday, June 16, 2022

FRNK’s Latest Offerings Made With Purest Uji Kyoto Black Tea

A taste of Kyoto’s purest black tea. Full of malty and savory aroma. Black tea like you’ve never had it before. Try @frnkmilkbar latest offerings.

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🔴 Kuru Miruku. Ice shaken, Uji Kyoto black tea, fresh milk, dark sugar, and blue tea pearls.

🔴 Kuru Lava Chizu. Uji Kyoto black tea, fresh milk, dark sugar, blue tea mochi, and cheese cap.

Napakanta talaga ako mga mamser! 🎵🎶 With every step we take, Kyoto to The Bay. Strolling so casually 🎵🎶

This is my kind of milk tea. Not too sweet and the tea flavor is still prominent. Mochi bites also add to the experience. May iba syang bite. Medyo nakakagulat pero masarap. Kuru Lava Chizu is my personal fave.

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