Thursday, February 24, 2022

Poison's New Doughnuts and Drinks Are Inspired by Pinoy Candy

Let Poison Doughnuts take you on a trip down memory lane with their new line of Pinoy Candy Doughnuts and Drinks, sure to hit you with nostalgia.

What was your favorite treat from your childhood? Whatever it was, you're sure to find it here:

There's the Hawhaw (P95), a doughnut glazed with Hawhaw milk candy and topped with whipped cream and Hawhaw bits. 

Coming next is the Chocnut (P95) which has a glaze made from the choco-peanut candy with salted Chocnut crumble, while the Iced Gems (P95) takes inspiration from the classic cookie with a brioche doughnut filled with a vanilla-biscuit spread and topped with a swirl of baked meringue.

Chocoholics have more in store for them with the Curly Tops (P95), which is a Curly-Tops-glazed doughnut filled with coffee custard and topped with Curly Tops bits; and the ChocoMallows (P95), which is a dark-chocolate encased doughnut stuffed with marshmallow and cacao whipped cream.

And there's more: Strawberry lovers are up for a 'berry' good time with the Potchi (P95), a

freeze-dried-strawberry coated doughnut filled with strawberry Potchi cream.

Pair these fun doughnuts with drinks that are the perfect accomplice to these doughnuts. The Chocnut Iced Latte (P180) uses Yardstick Golden Ticket coffee beans for a latte that's then

drizzled with Chocnut syrup. The Hawhaw Milk Dinosaur (P180) is an uber-creamy number

thanks to Hawhaw milk topped with Hawhaw powder, while the Potchi Strawberry Milk (P180)

is Potchi-inspired, strawberries-and-cream milk that's mellow and fruity.

The Pinoy Candy Doughnuts will be available starting February 11 while the Pinoy Candy

Drinks will be available starting February 18 for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. To order for

delivery, order via, Poison,, GrabFood, Pick-a-Roo, Foodpanda,

MetroMart, Dingdong, and Rider Ko.

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