Friday, December 17, 2021

Cacio E Pepe Carbonara Legit Style Using Pinoy Ingredients | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

As a Filipino, I grew up accustomed to having a super-rich sauce on my pasta. Our favorite is the Pinoy Style Spaghetti with hotdogs and a sweet blend of banana ketchup and tomato sauce. This kind of pasta sauce is commonly served during celebrations or even on ordinary days as snacks.

On white sauce-style pasta, Carbonara is the next most common. Although it's a wold’s debate not to call our version as Carbonara because it's far away from how Italians serve it. Filipino style carbonara has cream, bacon, mushroom, milk, and all other ingredients to make the sauce on the profile of salty and creamy. 

It's also given that apart from we love creamy or rich sauce, most of the ingredients of the legit style carbonara recipe are not highly present in the Philippines. Guanciale and pecorino Romano can be rarely found here and are a little expensive.

So for us to achieve and at least have a taste of legit carbonara and even Cacio e Pepe. I made some little experimentation in the kitchen using the ingredients which are highly present here.

I replaced the guanciale with plain smoked bacon and used cheddar instead of pecorino Romano. Used the same technique too. To at least achieve the same creamy carbonara without the actual cream. Well, the best way to achieve it anyways is to combine the egg, cheese and pasta water. 

I don't have exact measurements for the ingredients because it depends on your liking. If you want to have it a little creamier you can add more cheese and pasta water. To make it saltier, add more plain smoked bacon. Do not forget to add the bacon fat because this is where the flavor really is.

Recipe procedure in this video:

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