Thursday, October 28, 2021

Saving In The New Normal | PR Post | MarkMyName


Iba ang may Ipon, I'm sure one way or another, na experience mo na ang mangailangan ng pera at may hinugot ka dahil kahit malilit na halaga nagtabi ka, religiously. It's a little bothering that its only 53% of adult population has savings according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in 2019. Saving is the process of putting cash/money and parking it in a safe place and can be accessed easily when needed. 

Kaya Tara! mag ipon tayo!

Here is a quick and ironic tip para kahit paano makapag ipon.

October 31, 2021, is WORLD SAVINGS DAY - is a dedicated time frame where financial institutions whether public or private including financial advocates can gather and promote saving mobilization. The idea is clear - saving is for every Juan!

Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings is the perfect answer to the World Savings Day call to save more, especially for our fellow Filipinos who don't have the means to save. 

You can open Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account for as low as P50.00 and a low maintaining balance of P500 only. Transact, deposit, and withdraw just like any saving bank to 2,500 Cebuana Lhuillier nationwide. It also offers a competitive interest rate of 0.20% higher than other savings accounts can provide. Here are more reasons to motivate you to start saving.

Reach financial freedom.

As they say, this is the ultimate goal. Isn't it beautiful to wake up each day free from worries about finances? It might require a lot of discipline and practice but surely it is possible. 

Be prepared in case of emergencies.

Always keep a portion of your income for your emergency fund. We don't know what will happen tomorrow and so preparation is key

Reach a financial or personal milestone.

By creating a specific goal and timeline, this motivation is very effective for me or many millennials to save.

Not to miss an opportunity.

Without savings, you might be missing a lot of opportunities to achieve more life goals. Even opportunities to earn more especially if you're trying to start a business or invest in stocks or any passive income there may be.

With all those motivations, here are a few more tips so you can start savings:

Review your finances. Know your net worth. List all your assets and liabilities.

Make a budget. Do proper allocation of your income. Identify areas where you can spend less and/or spend more.

Track your spending. Make a journal of your expenses. Subconsciously by doing so, you can cut down your expenses. Kakiebo way of Japanese :)

Cut back on unnecessary expenses. Omit unmaximized subscriptions and research for alternatives that would give you some benefits but probably lower cost.

Learn to live within your means. This, I learned while we are in quarantine. I only got to spend on things I needed. No, weekend night outs and no extra or side trips in malls.

Set saving goals. Keep it SMART. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-bound.

Start small and make it a habit. You don't need to cut so big it will dent your financial flow. Consistency is key.

Join a challenge. Another clever way to promote savings among your friends family members is to create a spirit of saving influence. Make it a weekly challenge to save a portion of the money.

Increase your income. As they say, during this pandemic and while we have more time to learn and earn might as well do side hustles to save money.

I hope you find inspirations and useful tips on how to save and be able to reach your financial goals.






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