Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thai Green Curry | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

I’ve always dreamed of visiting Thailand, explore their cuisine, and try doing it at home. Since we still can’t go there, we can still have that Thai food experience at home. Today I made Thai Green Curry Chicken:

For the ingredients:
•1 pack Del Monte Quick and Easy Green Curry Mix
•1 kg Chicken
•1 cup coconut cream
•1 tbsp. ginger
•1 bulb onion
•2 bell peppers
•Basil leave
•Kafir lime leave
•1 ½ cup water

•Lightly sear the chicken then set it aside.
•Saute onion and ginger. Add coconut cream, Del Monte Quick and Easy Green Curry Mix, kafir lime leaves, and water. 
•Add back the chicken and simmer for 10mins or until fully cooked.
•Add bell peppers and basil.
•Serve and enjoy!

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