Sunday, November 17, 2019

To Bar Examiners 2019

Passed by UST today and it’s the start of Bar Exam.
I see a crowd cheering for their fellows despite the distance from the exam room. I hear loud voices and excitement from a silent prayer.

I hear hopes and vision of a beautiful tomorrow. I felt camaraderie and love.

I am not part of this exam nor supporting someone yet but I want to be part of the prayers and cheers!
I cheer for all the hardworks of these law students. I shout for glory and victory for all the days and nights of continuous studying and learning the laws that should be implemented in my dear country.
I cheer for the parents who never gave up to pursue their children’s dream of becoming a lawyer.    

I pray for a peaceful exam process. Fair and just.

More than anything, I pray that this bar exam will bear good God fearing lawyers of this country