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Tastesetters Iloilo 2019 | Food Event | MarkMyName


Tastesetters Iloilo August 28 -29.
Creativity that shapes the food and beverage trends.

Innovating Indigenous Ilonggo Food.
That was the theme of the recently held workshop in Iloilo. Four different courses were tackled by Chef Celina David.

Kaon Ta! Ilonggo dishes. Enhancing the flavors and making it simple to prepare. Chef presented Batchoy in two different kinds. The usual batchoy but uses San Remo Angel Hair Pasta for easier kitchen management. Also, she presented creamy Batchoy using Clara OlĂ© Bechamel. 

Biscocho also had a new take as Chef Celina made a parfait and a truffle-like choco biscocho. She uses the crumbs and cracked biscocho to maximize this Ilonggo native business. 

There are also innovations done for Batuan Fruit. A sour fruit commonly available in tropical countrie like Philippines and fortunately abundance of this fruit is in Iloilo. Chef made few good new takes on this fruit which Ilonggos may use for their business and even personal household.

Chef Celina’s advise on Ilonggo dishes innovation and creativity is at the video. 

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