Sunday, August 11, 2019


I just wanna go somewhere where I thought I can escape
Somewhere where I thought this pain won’t be felt 
I just wanna go somewhere where good times never ends
Somewhere where, the truth is its just in the corner

The road is too wide but we cannot touch the greens
But to touch the green feels divine and can never be compared
Blue sky is above me and pile of dirty mud covers my feet
Neither my eyes nor my mind can see the how to move from here
Leave me ‘til I woke up and everything here feels empty

For being alone makes me crave for you more and more
Give me the sadness I never thought I’ll ever endure
Away from you feels freedom but never been secured
The man you loved now seems to vanish as time pass by

The feeling of emptiness keeps on knocking everyday
For reasons I still open the door and welcome sadness
In the dark, I see myself losing me and yet loving you
My soul escaped from where I am and dreamed of being with you