Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Salted Egg Chicken and French Beans

Favorite ko po kasi mag experiment sa kitchen. Madalas kung ano lang mapulot ko sa pantry iyon ang nilalagay ko sa whatever na tinitimpla.

In short, I don’t have standard recipe for this one but instead I have a more likely general guidelines.

For starters, i-blanche ang french bean at i set aside. 

I chose chicken thigh fillet because that is my favorite part. It has that kind of bite and moist that I always love sa chicken.  Marinade it with Fish sauce and pepper per your discretion. This particular experiment, I added 2 table spoon of smoked paprika, for additional flavor. Though, generally this recipe needs to have a breading, I took it out to make it Keto compliant.

Fry the pre marinated chicken and make sure it’s well cooked. 

In a saucer mash the salted egg. Isama na ang white para sa added texture. In restaurants, they don’t usually add the white part of the salted egg. I also added La Española Extra Virgin Olive oil in Lemon to balance the lansa in the salted egg.

Put the pan in high heat. Sauté some garlic and add the mashed saleted egg. Mapapansin na mag bubbles yan ng konti. That’s the sign! Ready na ibalik ang mga nakaraan! Ilagay muli ang french bean at prinitong manok. Ihalo at handa na!

Kainan na!

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