Friday, May 18, 2018

Lugang Cafe Unlimited Treat

Treat your Mom because Mother’s day isn’t over yet pr can be an early Father’s Treat. It can also be just a family weeken eat out or a dinner treat afterwork. Lugang Cafe’s promo could be one of your treat option.

I have been to this restaurant several times and they array of Asian dishes is something that would make you crave for sometime. Regular treats could be a bit expensive but with their current promo that runs until June 02,2018 every Mondays to Saturdays and it will really give you a bang for the buck.

Gab and I visited some time in May and initially this is not our original plan. We really want to go to a buffet or Filipino cuisine but we were limited by the choices in the mall. Until we passed by Lugang Cafe and we were offered with the promo.

We had around 26 dishes reapetedly from the wide choices offered in the menu of the unli-promo. Technically, each plate would only cost us less than P60. Isn’t that amazing ? 😊😊😊. Their Xiao Long Bao I must say is the best in town. Not even comparable to the Michelin Star restaurant . Plus that they have a wide range of XLB choices.

Have you also experienced their Unli Promo? Share your thoughts.

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