Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Keto For Project Fitness 2018

Been doing #ProjectFitness for some time in 2012 to 2014... Self improving through diet and exercise... Back then, I was committed to lessen carbs intake , took out all fats in my meal and heavily addicted to exercise to sincerely achieve that “pumayat ka” level every summer. Yes! Never had I achieved that beach bod I’ve always dreamed about.

Until I met this diet, telling me to take out carbs and sugar and beef up my FAT intake... crazy but very interesting... there are tons of vids you can find online that discusses Ketogenic diet. Thise dos and don’ts are clearly stated. But what interests me more is the result I have been getting for the past 4months of doing so.

I have never done any exercise as I did before and been taking 4x fats as I can take, and have forgotten how bread, potatoes and rice taste yet been loosing 10kg and 2inches of my waistline.

Thanks for introducing this to me. 

Though admittedly there are still things I need to focus to and need to take out of my lifestyle to fully achieve the benefit of this diet. Since I’m not doing this strictly. I know I am doing it one rice out at a time.

I will keep you all posted on my fitness progress.

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