Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 is MY YEAR

Though sometimes or most of the times we have this "Ningas Kugon" attitude towards fulfilling our New Year's Resolution, it's still a good habit to write down things you want to do, stop doing, and accomplish on forth coming year.

Here's my top list of things to lessen and thing to do more for 2017.

Less Glutony. More Exercise.
Guilty indeed for being too lazy about my favorite fitness mantra "Exercise more so you can eat more". I will still do food posting of several dishes I've tried in either a new restaurant, cuisine, or food offered in some hole-in-the-wall since this is some kind of a thing to me but I promise to eat just right and give my best to burn it. Just eat enough of what I can take, after all anything in excess is not good.

Less Critisims. More Appreciation
We all live in a world full of hatred, forgetting that this world was made out of Love. More often than not to we are being eaten up by our insecurities that we tend to pull others down by critisizing them. Next year, let's all do conscious effort to uplift one another. Appreciate potential and stop blame pointing.

Less Spendings. More Investments.
I've noticed that no matter how high our income will be there will always be times that we still need more. It's human nature that as the income goes up the spending follows which should never be the case. The right thing to do is as the income goes up savings follows and lifestyle should be maintained.

Less Judgement. More Potential.
To contribute to someone else's growth will always be part of my yearly bucketlist. When you see others give their best and you know you're somehow part of it, it's so fulfilling.

Less Failure. More Learning
Success is how you define it, same goes with failure. It's not bad to fail, cause that's the reality of life but as they said, fail many, fail tiny and fail quickly. It is the learning from the failures that molds your success as you look back.

Less Selfishness. More Giving.
Give your 100% in everything you do. In love, in your job, to charity and even for the cause of nothing, give it all. One day, life will find its way to repay you.

Less Worry. More Faith.
Declaring victory for 2017 in God's blessings!

2017 is MY YEAR!

Have a blessed year ahead!
Mark My Name

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