Thursday, January 14, 2016

Breakfast with Clara Ole Gourmet Jams

Breakfast probably is my favorite meal of the day (ehhemmm... One of my favorite meal of the day.. hahaha. After a couple hours of sleep, the body needs a boost to kick start the day, and a proper breakfast is a perfect venue for it. Anything that could fill in your stomach is perfect but what could be more perfect if you have a gourmet dishes just before you wake up.

A breakfast at Planas Pantry Quezon Ave. Quezon City (at the side of Hi Top Supermarket) was prepared by Clara Ole to introduce their new addition on super delicious jam lines...
Orange Guava. Ticle your taste buds with this citrusy, exotic and sweet treat. Let its exquisite flavor perk up every snacks and meals.

Blueberry Basil. The succulence of blueberry and sweetnes of basil-- a delightful flavor combination. Help yourself with a generous serving of deliciously refreshing Blueberry Basil Jam. 
Strawberry Margarita.  Celebrate every snack or meal with the delightful sweetness of strawberries. Lavishly spread this gourmet spread on warm, freshly baked bread and let the party begin.
Spiced Apple. Warm, aromatic cloves combined with sweet apple. Experience this wonderful blend of flavors each time you use this jam... Indeed!
The best part is since this is a gourmet jam, you may opt to partner it as dish enhancer. Brilliant huh!
Here's some of their recommendations.

Green Tea is best with Clara Ole Honey Ginger Gourmet Jams.
This Planas Pantry best seller Hickory Ribs is best with Clara Ole Goumet Jams Orange Guava. It adds a different kind of exotic sweetness flavor to this smokey grill dish.
Strawberry Margarita is paired withe Planas pantry's home made ice cream. The chocolate brownie is my favorite. I love the texture and the thickness of this backyard ice cream.
I will try my best to share with you some other dishes I have tried at Planas Pantry in my next posts. I will also give my ratings for the restaurant. 

For now, hope you try this new gourmet jams from Clara Ole. It's already out in the leading supermarket nationwide.

Thanks for dropping by.

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