Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Love Hope Faith | What I Wear | MarkMyName

It's time for some distress denim once again! The classic ragged jeans are almost everywhere. Such fashion statement come and go and come back over time. But each time its on peak, I don't buy new one, I recycle. Just like what I am wearing. It's fruit of effort of re-inventing my old jeans. I already have posted the pants version of this and for some long stor, it became shorts(gets?hahah), which I love :)The top is a baseball shirt on Aztec sleeves of Topman which I bought from Surplus Shop in SM.

So much more with the ragged look, I am here to share my love, hope, faith watch. Yes! It's the real deal. I first saw them during a bazaar at World Trade Center. I didn't get the chance to grab one during that day, and from there I've been wanting to have a piece. 

Then I started following them on instagram and when I learned that they are joining Celebrity Bazaar at MegaTrade Hall, I immediately head on to their booth to get one. Their design is very simple, unique and easy to match on any outfit. Its also my first time to wear rubber strap watch since I'm acidic, if I will wear bright or light color it will easily get dirty. So I picked the safest color. The best thing about their watch is 50% of their profit goes directly to their charity, for goodwill :)

Mark My Name.