Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#BetterMe Recipe Swap Bloggers Event

One cozy fun day at Marmalade Kitchen with the renowned mommy bloggers (yes, I was there though I'm not a mom:), It's my job anyways hehehe :) for the Lee Kum Kee #BetterMe Recipe Swap event were moms got to share their favorite, easy to do recipes, of course made special by Lee Kum Kee.
The event was hosted by Ms. Suzie Entrata- Abrera, wherein she also shared dish Thai Omelet. Gawing sosyal/  ala Thai ang iyong Omelet with this very simple and no fuss recipe. All ingredients are actually readily available in your kitchen.

The next who shared her recipe was Ms. Michelle Aventajado of Momma and Manila . She prepared Grilled Salmon which require a bit of marination process. Of course, the longer you marinate the tastier it will be.
Here's the recipe:
Ms. Michelle Lim of My Mom Fiday also shared a recipe to make tofu more fun. hahahah I really love how her preamble as she share her recipe. She said something like this "do you hate cooking? good, because I hate it too, here's a recipe for those who hates how to cook" heheh. Her Tofu Saute recipe is really easy to do and very delicious.

I think my foodie life is taking to the next level with this cooking (and eating) events I have been to recently. I'm beginning to expand my knowledge in cooking and explore different dishes with Lee Kum Kee. 

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