Sunday, November 2, 2014

#Take Me To SG -- Majestic Bay

Probably the most expensive dine I had when I was in SG. The Majestic Bay is one of the Chinese/ Singaporean restaurants we tried at Gardens by the Bay.

Where's the concept of rustic and street-like restaurant? It's not in here hehehe. Fine dine baby!

Food though are authentic in terms of taste and worth sharing. hahaha

The place is perfect for view the bay area.

I immediately concluded that its a Chinese restaurant when I saw this aquarium. Looks familiar, Binondo? wahahaha I think this is common to every Chinese restaurant.

Dining starts with an appetizers. Dingdong! hahahah mix peas, crackers and chips with spicy paste/ dip.

The the high-tech ordering lol. Handheld menu is in a tablet hahaha

So here's the list of what we had during our stay.
 Xiao long Pao. One of my favorite dumplings. It's a steamed bun of pork with a soup inside. If I was able to describe it right.

Stir Fry Asparagus.

Roasted Chicken. See were always safe hahaha. Since some of us are afraid to try some SG food because they may not like the spicy touch we always order something safe like liston manok wahahaha.

and Chicken curry with mashed potato. This one I love! It's very different from how I am used to. From the presentation, to the blend of spices and the curry is so authentic.

Sometimes, good food are not about how expensive it is. More often its about the experiences and moments who had while dining. I must say this is kinda' really expensive, its around Php 4,000 if converted to Philippine pesos. Good thing its a treat from my cousin hahaha otherwise I will just look for some hotdog stand nearby hahhaha

If you will look at it that way (price) probably you will have to savor every bite or maybe you cannot even take a single bite.